Nike McClure, MVP on the fourth round of the portuguese league

Nike McClure from CAB Madeira won the weekly MVP award in the Skoiy league. She stood out in the away match against Galitos, where she recorded 25 points, 20 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 block.

Get to know Nike McClure!

 How did it come about to move to Portugal?

I ended up In Portugal because my agent presented me with a great opportunity to play for CAB Madeira. I’ve always had a lot of interest in visiting this beautiful country, so it is a blessing to be doing what I love here.

What are your personal goals for this season?

My personal goals for the season are to put my team in the best position to win each game. Being MVP for the week is nice, but I have no interest in personal accolades. I only want to win as many games as possible.

So far, what is your opinion about the Portuguese league?

The Portuguese league is a strong one. Each week is exciting because you really never know which teams will take home wins. I truly enjoy the competitive spirit that this league embodies.

What is the team expectation this season?

Our team’s expectation is to control what we can control each game. That is solely our energy and effort. If we can handle those two things, I believe we will be setting ourselves up for much success this season.

Is there a particular significance to your jersey number (21)?

I wear the number 21 because it was a number that had a lot of importance to my Father. So I honour him by wearing it.

Do you have a pregame ritual that you do before every game?

Before each game I do a small yoga practice to stretch and calm my breathing. I’ve found this to be very helpful towards my game.

Who are your favourite players?

My favourite players are Lisa Leslie and Larry Bird

What has basketball taught you that carries over into the other areas of your life?

Basketball has taught me many skills that I can carry over into my daily life. My favourite skill is the ability to accept and love people from all different backgrounds.

What advice has a coach given you that you’ll always remember?

Rod Jensen, my defensive coach at Washington State University, taught me the power of 5… The power of 5 is when all players work together on the court to achieve a goal. The idea is that of a fist… a punch with five fingers hurts the most.

What are the most challenging parts of basketball for you? Why?

The most challenging parts of basketball for me is being too hard on myself. I find that sometimes I forget to have fun, and that this is a beautiful opportunity. I find that I am my own worst critic and it has negative effects on me sometimes.

What advise could you give to someone wanting to play basketball?

If I had to give advice to someone wanting to play basketball, I would say to be coachable. Everyone is still learning at every level… so be open to learning new things and accepting that you are now a part of a team. Your role will change from season to season.

What would you be doing if you weren’t spending time with basketball?

If I were not playing basketball, I would be doing something that allowed me to help others. I’m keen on becoming a firefighter when I retire from hoop, but we will see. I’m not big on planning things… I like to let my things flow naturally so I’m not disappointed by anything I can’t control.

Message for all basketball fans:

To all of the fans out there, thank you so much for supporting women’s basketball. I hope that you are all staying safe due to the unfortunate situation with Covid. Hopefully all of your smiling faces will be back in the stands soon, but until then take care! Obrigada!

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